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a TED talk by Hedrick Smith, author and keynote speaker at the 2015 FDF Awards Dinner

This talk was taped on Orcas Island, and includes a discussion both of Citizens United and of a special experience he had in interacting with an activist in Seattle. Videos of other talks by Hedrick Smith are at his website here.

Two Book Reviews
by Ken Dammand

Could democracy itself be a more effective and efficient means of controlling a population than the torture chambers and gulags we typically associate with tyranny? Has democracy in the United States of America effectively become an invisible tyranny through which an unseen elite rule a citizenry distracted by mock issues and placated by a meaningless electoral process? “Democracy, Inc., ….Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism,” by Sheldon S. Wolin, asks and answers this question, offering an abundance of new information and interesting twists of the common wisdom along the way.  (more)

Another book, “Winner Take All Politics,” by Paul Pierson and Jacob Hacker, details the damage done to the American public by a system of “democracy” that has been co-opted for use by a financial elite. It is the nuts and bolts, names and places, counterpart to Wolin’s more academic analysis of the political problems confronting the American people. Together they paint a fairly complete and coherent picture of our situation. I would very strongly recommend reading both of them. (more)

Reading these two books will give you a great start. Look for them at a local bookstore if at all possible. Local businesses, especially of the Mom and Pop sort, are a key component of the solution to the problems outlined in these books. Think outside the box store.