Our mission is to achieve fair elections and government policies that reflect the will of the people and not the power of money.

Fix Democracy First is a non-profit in the state of Washington fighting to improve our Democratic processes. We have been running initiatives and projects in support of public financing of campaigns, fair elections, overturning Citizen’s United, protecting voting rights and other similar efforts for almost two decades. We have recently merged with WAmend and continue to work very closely with allies, partners, and volunteers towards our common goal of getting money out of politics.


Start - Washington Public Campaigns

In 2001, a small group of concerned Washington citizens, convinced of the value of public financing of campaigns as a way to liberate politicians, give power back to the average citizen and invigorate democracy, began working on the dream to have a law in our state similar to laws passed in Maine and Arizona that have since been eroded by U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Washington Public Campaigns was incorporated April 30, 2003 as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington. It is a 501(c)(4) organization.

Renamed - Fix Democracy First

In 2014, Washington Public Campaigns changed its name to Fix Democracy First. Formerly Washington Public Campaigns Education Fund, now Fix Democracy First! Education Fund was established in 2007 and is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Merged - with WAmend

Following the victory of passing I-735, Fix Democracy First and WAmend, the campaign organization that sponsored the initiative, decided to strengthen efforts to pass the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution and to educate the public and lobby elected officials on other democratic reforms. “Combining the activists and supporters of the two organizations into a more robust organization makes sense,” said Alice Woldt, former Fix Democracy First Executive Director. “Given the challenges to democracy to survive and thrive, it is imperative that we engage our families, friends, neighbors, and communities in this work,” she said. Since December, Cindy Black has taken the reins of Fix Democracy First as its full-time Executive Director. In January a joint meeting of Fix Democracy First’s board of directors and WAmend’s steering committee was held and the two groups voted to join forces. The combined group adopted Fix Democracy First’s mission and operate under its corporate and IRS non-profit status. Please support this new effort to strengthen and expand Fix Democracy First. Together we passed I-735 by 63%. It passed in all ten Congressional Districts. Now we need to convince our members of Congress to sponsor or endorse an amendment resolution that accomplishes what Washington voters want. We are working on a legislative agenda in this session of the state legislature. We need your help. Donate and volunteer so we can accomplish even more.

by Alice Woldt