FDF and the FDF Education Fund work exclusively on Public Financing of Campaigns and Clean Elections in Washington

  • Donations to Fix Democracy First are used for political action such as lobbying public officials. They are not tax-deductible. To make a NON TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation online
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  • Donations to the Fix Democracy First Education Fund are used for public forums, education and civic engagement. They are tax-deductible. To make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation online
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Monthly giving allows you to have the biggest impact and helps sustain FDF’s work. It’s never been easier or more secure to make an online credit card or bank transfer transaction. Democracy Engine on a safe and secure site.

Make checks payable to “Fix Democracy First” and mail to
Fix Democracy First
1402 Third Avenue, #201
Seattle WA 98101

Other opportunities to support FDF’s work include:
Donations from IRA accounts
Gifts of stocks
Gifts given in honor of someone

If you have a question regarding a donation, contact FDF Treasurer Alice Woldt at