Contact Your Legislator

One of the most important things you can do is to contact your state legislators.
If you don’t know your State Senator or 2 House members Locate your legislators here.
If you know your legislators’ names, find their contact information HERE

Anyone can call the LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE, toll-free:
Operators will assist you— even if you don’t know your legislators’ names. If you give your address, they will find your legislative district, then take a message from you, and deliver it to your legislators and/or the Governor.

You can also contact them by calling their office, or by email or written letters. A personal message from a voter in their district is more influential than pre-printed emails or cards.

Let your legislator know that you are concerned about politics being controlled by big money. Ask them to sign on to the letter to Washington State members of Congress to overturn Citizens United that Fix Democracy First is supporting.
Use your own words. Here is a typical message you might give:

“I’m a constituent concerned about the influence of big money on politics and public policy since the Citizens United decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. I strongly support a constitutional amendment that will restore democracy to ordinary citizens.

As a state legislator, do you support a constitutional amendment to correct the disastrous Supreme Court decision. Will you sign on to a letter calling for an amendment to get the influence of money out of politics?”

Here are some key points to make.

  • State legislatures and Congress should control our election laws including the ability to set limits on campaign contribut6ions and expenditures.
  • Money flowing into campaigns has risen exponentially since the Citizens United decision. If some controls were reestablished, incumbents and candidates would not need to spend so much time fundraising. Instead, there would be more time to talk with voters.
  • The appearance if not the reality of elected officials being  in the pockets of big donors and special interests would be reduced restoring confidence in our representative form of government.
  • Big campaign contributors would lose the hammer of threatening to not  fund the next campaign.
  • Democracy should be “government of, by, and for the people.”