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Election Integrity Update – Anomalies and Recounts in the 2016 Presidential Election

by Phil Harrison The 2016 Presidential election astounded everyone with an outcome that no one expected, especially the pollsters and others who earn a living  by predicting results.  Election integrity activists and computer professionals in particular cited anomalies indicating to them that results may have been manipulated by election insiders or hackers.  One line of

Proposed Washington State Law to draw a fine Line between Protest and Terrorism

by Ken Dammand      Senator Doug Ericksen, (R, Ferndale) will be submitting an “economic terrorism” bill in the 2017 Washington State legislative session that  could threaten peaceful protesters with a felony conviction, five years in jail and a $10,000 fine simply for blocking a street or the entrance to a business if it interferes with “commerce.”

A 63% Victory for Initiative 735

by Cindy Black Washington State voters passed Initiative 735 with 63% and now Washington is the 18th state calling for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, establishing once and for all that constitutional rights belong only to people, money is not free speech and political contributions need to be made public

I-735 and I-1464: Why they complement and strengthen each other rather than distracting from each other

by Ken Dammand        November’s ballot will include two initiatives that deal with the issue of money in politics, I-735 and I-1464. Initative-735 and Initiative-1464 address different elements of the problem of money in politics.  Both are big steps toward re-empowering the ordinary citizens of Washington State and the entire country. Fix Democracy First strongly

Initiative I464 is off and running!

By Peter Zanello This past 2016 Labor Day weekend was the official launch of The Washington Government Accountability Act or Initiative 1464. There were house parties throughout the state to push the ballot initiative forward. In Seattle, the League of Women Voters hosted a special event whose guests included Hedrick Smith, a reporter and editor

The Election Industrial Complex

by Charles Green A Booming Industry Harper’s Magazine has written an expose on the rise of the “election industrial complex”.  This moniker refers to the election consulting industry which consists of strategists, pollsters, TV-ad makers, media buyers, direct-mail specialists and broadcasters.  This industry has experienced substantial growth.  According to Harper’s, “the rise of the modern

Election Integrity Issues

by Phil Harrison Voter Registration Suppression Movement In most states, voter registration requires that voters sign a simple statement affirming US citizenship.  Not so in Kansas, which has become the leader in a growing movement to restrict convenient access to the voting rolls.  Under the sponsorship of Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach, Kansas now