Book Reviews Continued

“Democracy, Inc., ….Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism,”
This book, more than any other I have read of late, will challenge your concepts of the system in which we live. It is loaded with thought provoking questions, quotable lines and beautifully stated ideas. If you have the distinct feeling that there is more to the problems confronting American politics than meets the eye, this book will greatly enhance your understanding. It is not light reading. Nor is its message reassuring. But if there is to be any possibility that we Americans can achieve a government that comes closer to our ideal of democracy we must first understand how and why the government we have is so completely failing that ideal.

Winner Take All Politics (continued)
Fix Democracy First’s efforts have largely been focused on the corrupting role of money in politics. But these two books will make it clear that the problem is more complex than simple corruption. And no system of public funding or disclosure alone will address these problems sufficiently unless and until the general public understands more completely the relationship between our economic system and our political system.