Board of Directors, Staff and Advisory Board


Ken Dammand, President

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKen is a retired Everett firefighter, paramedic and fire captain. He’s been active in Firefighter’s Local 46 and various community groups. In his previous lives, he was the drummer in the 60’s era rock band Fragile Lime, a reluctant soldier, a scholar (Ph.D. in developmental psychology), an adjunct professor, dishwasher, and just about everything in between. He serves on the newsletter committee and chairs the resource development committee.


Erik Connell, Vice-president

10003902_803448161458_942533096_nErik is an Attorney with the Law Office of Sweeney & Dietzler. He graduated cum laude from Seattle University School of Law, where he served as the Business and Marketing Editor for the school’s law review and made the Dean’s List. Erik has previously worked on election reform issues as a steering committee member for Fair Elections Seattle’s Proposition 1 campaign, and for FairVote, including in their national headquarters in the Washington, DC area, and as the campaign manager against three ballot measures in Pierce County, Washington. Prior to that, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland, working on HIV/AIDS education.


Annie Phillips – Secretary

10403115_10152197650993506_8744541747522648742_nAnnie runs a romantic bed and breakfast cottage overlooking Puget Sound in Burien.  She attended UCLA and received her degree in communications from Evergreen State College in Olympia. She served on the WAmend – YES on I-735 steering, communication and Executive Committees.


Alice Woldt – Treasurer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlice is the former FDF Executive Director. She co-directed Faith Action Network and served as Executive Director of the Washington Association of Churches, the Church Council of Greater Seattle and Seattle Alliance for Good jobs and housing for Everyone (SAGE.) A former teacher in Illinois, she received her MPA from Seattle University after relocating to Seattle in the mid-70’s.
She is known in the larger community for her activism on many peace and justice issues. As a former candidate for the legislature, she experienced first-hand the need for campaign funding reform.


David Bangs

1Board-DavidBangsDavid is a principal at Energy Friendly Holdings. After graduating from the University of Washington in 1985 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, David went on to manage several groups as a software developer at Microsoft. He received an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute and founded a non-profit called Home Performance Washington to promote whole house energy efficiency programs in the state.


Mary Bartley

Mary chairs the Tacoma Fix Democracy First chapter.


Jean Carlson

Jeanc-sJean has been a civic activist since the early ’70’s, for Seattle Public Schools and state funding of education, with the League of Women Voters on statewide and national issues, and now with Fix Democracy First determined to “form a more perfect Union.” She is Board Secretary and Communications chair and publicist for FDF.


John King

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJohn is a Washington native and a retired lawyer. Prior to becoming FDF’s President, John chaired its Policy Committee, which is primarily concerned with the group’s legislative affairs. In addition to having engaged in private law practice, he has been a naval officer, counsel to a U.S. Senate committee, a law school adjunct professor, and a board or committee member of various civic groups. He is a former president of the Western Washington Chapter of the Arthritis Foundations and a recipient of the national Arthritis Foundation’s distinguished service award. John is the author of Captive Notions, a book of original aphorisms, and is a recreational basketball player. He has three grown children and four grandchildren.


Angela Toussaint

Peter Zanello

Peter ZanelloPeter is an entrepreneur who has lived most of his adult life out of the US. He has owned and operated a distribution company in China and continues to bring superior American products into international markets. He is active in, Meaningful Movies and other projects promoting democracy and social justice.


Cindy Black – Executive Director

Cindy Black served as WAmend’s campaign director for Initiative 735 and as Secretary during the I-735 signature gathering campaign. In 2014 she served on the executive committee for I-1329, the predecessor of I-735. Prior to that, she was a grassroots organizer for I-522 to label GMOs. Her involvement as an activist was spurred on by a desire to see her grandchildren grow up in a more sustainable and just world. She has been a small business owner and veteran, and believes it’s our civic duty to stand up to the moneyed influences corrupting our democracy and to give power back to the people.



Nancy Amidei – A writer, teacher, and advocate, Nancy, semi-retired, has been long involved in social policy from both inside and outside government. A former Director of the Food Research and Action Center (a national anti-hunger group) she also served in the Carter administration as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (now DHHS).

Dave Asher – His broad community involvement includes serving as a Kirkland City Council member since 2000. Dave was the Chair of the North Rose Hill Neighborhood Association and co-chair of the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods. Dave recently retired from the University of Washington, where he was the CFO for the UW’s Professional and Continuing Education.

John Creighton – John is a business lawyer who practiced on the east coast and overseas prior to returning home to the Northwest, where he has served as Seattle Port Commissioner since 2006 with a focus on making the Port a more socially responsible public agency. John was legal counsel and a founding board member of Fix Democracy First, formerly known as Washington Public Campaigns, helping establish the organization and obtain nonprofit status.

Mike Denton – Rev. Mike Denton was ordained in 1999 after graduating from Chicago Theological Seminary. He has been working in churches and religiously affiliated institutions for about 25 years. His positions have included working as a street-based outreach worker for youth, a housing rights activist, and a local pastor. He has been Conference Minister with the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ since 2008.

Mark Early – Mark is a semi-retired Embedded Computer Systems designer/programmer living in Seattle. He is involved in several progressive political organizations and is respectful of the life experience and views of all citizens involved in civic discourse. His valuable energy and expertise has supported Fix Democracy First on many projects having to do with new technology and media.

Rosa Franklin, RN – Raised in South Carolina, Rosa became Washington State’s first African American woman elected to the State Senate. In 2008 Senator Franklin sponsored the “Local Option Bill” that gave voters the choice of public financing for local election campaigns. A member of her staff has said, “Those of us who know her, love and respect her to the fullest, and believe she is a true beacon that others can follow.” She was Washington Public Campaign’s first legislative sponsor.

Adam Kline – A retired trial lawyer, Adam will soon retire after 18 years as the State Senator from the 37th Legislative District, serving south Seattle and part of Renton. Senator Kine has chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee for a total of twelve years and is the prime sponsor of Senate Joint Memorial 8002 (2013) that would have put our state on record with Congress as favoring a Constitutional amendment specifically allowing states to regulate political campaign contributions.

Hubert G. Locke – Dean and professor emeritus of the Evans School at University of Washington, he is a former chair of the State Sentencing Guidelines Commission and a member of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. He is a recipient of the ACLU William O. Douglas Award.

Mark McDermott – A lifelong activist for economic, social, racial justice, and peace, Mark currently works as an economic justice and labor educator with unions and a wide range of community-based organizations. Mark’s workshops across the country focus on making the American Dream real for everyone and reclaiming our democracy for We the People. His website, offers videos and other free materials. He currently serves on the board of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement.

Bonnie Mager – A resident of Spokane for 27 years, Bonnie co-founded KYRS Community Radio and the Neighborhood Alliance of Spokane County, and served as Eastern Washington Coordinator for the Washington Environmental Council (WEC) and more recently for I-1329. She was a Spokane County Commissioner from 2007-2010 and is currently running again for the same position.

Dorothy Mann, Ph.D., MPH – A woman of many and diverse accomplishments, Dorothy is the retired Regional Health Administrator of Region X, US Public Health Service, and an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, UW School of Public Health. Dorothy has been a civic/arts activist for the 35 years she has lived in Seattle, and now serves on Mayor Ed Murray’s Transition Committee.

James Street – A lawyer with a long history of political activism, Jim served as a King County Superior Court Justice and as a Seattle City Councilperson for over ten years. He was instrumental in creating the system of public funding that Seattle pioneered in the early 1980’s. Now retired, Jim serves as a board member of The Defender Association, a non-profit public defender agency in King County, and is working on overturning Citizens United through a Constitutional amendment.